We are Vegelima

Your one-stop-supplier for high-quality and sustainably fresh fruits and vegetables.

Welcome to Vegalima

We are a full-service supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables, sourcing directly from our own farms and other trusted growers. Our commitment to quality is evident in everything we do, from the careful selection of seeds and crops, to the meticulous harvesting and shipping to the global market.

What do we deliver.

Our products come from the fertile soil of Kenya, a region known for producing some of the finest produce in the world. We work closely with our partner growers to ensure that our products are ethically and sustainably sourced, allowing us to provide our clients with the best possible quality.

Our produce can be delivered to virtually any global destination through our overseas desk, utilizing various modes of transportation such as boats, trucks, and airplanes. Whether you are a wholesaler, retailer, caterer, food service company, or importer, we have the expertise and resources to meet your needs.


We are committed to promoting healthy eating and sustainable agriculture. We believe that by offering fresh and nutritious produce, we can help our customers live healthier and happier lives while supporting a more sustainable food system.

Who do we serve!

We supply fresh fruits and vegetables to wholesalers, retailers, caterers, food service companies, and importers from our farm and other growers.


We directly source our produce from growers and farm our own fruits and vegetables.


We ensure the highest standards of fresh produce quality through our dedicated Quality department.


We deliver our produce worldwide through our overseas desk, using boats, trucks, and airplanes as needed.

How do we actually do that.

At Vegalima, we understand the critical importance of quality control when dealing with fresh produce. Our dedicated Quality department works tirelessly to ensure that every item we handle meets the highest standards of freshness, safety, and quality.

But we don’t stop there. We are also committed to sustainability and social responsibility. We work closely with our growers to promote environmentally friendly farming practices, reduce waste, and encourage healthy habit.

Our partners