Both your branch and your approach are distinctive, require specific standards for products, packaging, and services. Vegalima is a partner that facilitates and collaborates with you to ensure you obtain the exact quality you desire. Our network of reliable and flexible producers proactively delivers customized, innovative products and outstanding services. Additionally, we optimize every link in the chain, from streamlining to automation, food safety to sourcing.


We are perfectly situated to provide the European retail market with the best foods, fruit, and services thanks to Rotterdam and Amsterdam serving as a gateway to Europe. Because of our logistical service providers, we have access to a platform that offers all services related to logistics and packaging.


We provide vegetables and fruit to wholesale distributors who supply our products to restaurants and other eating establishments. We pick the best products that not only make a great impression but also work really well. A warning to all chefs who prepare meals there.


The bulk of the trade depends on experts in vegetables and fruits. We have a number of high-quality product lines and brands with delicious aromas to best serve this important group of customers.


We collaborate with foodservice to provide fruit and vegetable groats to hospitals, fire stations, businesses, and other facilities.

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